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What we've been doing.


Working with LA Media and Richard Elliott we had 9 days on The Crown season 4. Having had a few days on season 2 it was good to be asked back.

A wide variety of shots were required including tracking cars, boats, horses and deer for good measure. 

Flying the RED Monstro.

A great couple of days up near Ullapool shooting the Sword From the Stone music video. Flying the Alexa Mini and Cooke S4.

With Mike Guest on the gimbal.

We've been working on the latest series of Outlander at various locations throughout Scotland, I can't show you any of the sets so here's a nice rainbow!

We had a mixed week up in Shetland in January filming with Panasonic for the Up Helly Aa festival. January in Shetland isn't really the best time of year to fly a drone....


Waiting for the golden hour on Loch Inchard for the feature The Etruscan Smile.  A great few days visiting some of Scotlands finest locations.

Late September and October have mostly been about flying the Alexa Mini. The more we use this camera the more we love it and if you have the right kit it's the easiest cinema camera to fly.

Arri Alexa Mini on Skyjib 8 Octocopter with Movi M15
Arri Alexa Mini, drone, octocopter
Whisky Galore octocopter

Whisky Galore Movie:

Up on the Moray coast for the opening shots of the remake of Whisky Galore which is shooting until mid September. 

Shetland III for ITV/BBC:

Cantankerous sea birds, strong updrafts and squally weather made for some challenging conditions to deal with shooting the BBC drama Shetland but we managed to get all the shots we needed in the can and we're looking forward to seeing the final results.

Shetland III for ITV/BBC:

Over to Glasgow this time for some more aerials for Shetland.

RED Epic, octocopter, Movi M10

Murder for Touchpaper / BBC2:

Opening shots for the new series of Murder, the BAFTA award winning BBC2 drama. Tying together a complex shot along the river Tweed that we managed to get in just a few takes while dodging the weather.


Contracted us to perform the aerials on a project for Scottish Enterprise which involved shooting in Aberdeen, Glasgow and the new bridge crossing at Queensferry.


Tom Gentle:

Directed a short film which will soon be doing the rounds at the film festivals. Stunning location with a very characterful car made for some great aerial images.

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