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Frequently Asked Questions


Where can we fly?

Without special permissions we need to stay away from built up areas, unless we have control of the location. The rules can get complicated so contact us to see what can be done. We also need permission from the landowner of the take off / landing site.


How high/far can we go?

400ft (122m) is our max height and 500m horizontal distance from the operator.


How long can we fly for?

This depends on take off weight but we can get around 8 minutes flying the GH4 per set of batteries. This is usually plenty to get the shot.

We carry a large amount of batteries and have on-site charging so we can fly all day long.


What weather conditions can we fly in?

We can fly in light rain with the Alta 8 but our other machines don't like it if it's wet or if it's too windy, under 12mph makes for good video however we can fly in wind speeds up to 20mph safely.


Which cameras can we fly?

The heavy lifters can lift up to the Alexa Mini LF or many of the RED cameras.

Legal? Insured?

Yes to both, we have a permit to work from the CAA and we are insured through John Heath’s specialised UAS policy.

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